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Written Testimonials

Dr. Katz-Turi’s competence in the field of legal and political affairs contributed to improve the Congress’ political and diplomatic achievements. I am convinced that any international organization and national government could benefit from Dr. Katz-Turi’s political and legal skills and exceptional talents.

—Rinaldo Locatelli, Chief Executive of the Congress, CLRAE, Council of Europe

Dr. Katz-Turi’s attention spans from the broad picture to the smallest details.

—H.E. Zoltan Szentgyörgyi, Ambassador of Hungary to Israel

Dr. Katz-Turi [was] a colleague of mine for six months while working together for OSCE Mission in Kosovo. I was largely impressed by her commitment to the resolution of armed conflicts and her outstanding professional skills in the fields of legal and political affairs. As an outstanding international lawyer, she was clearly an asset to OSCE.

—Beau Biden, former Attorney General, Delaware

Dr. Katz-Turi provided legal and political recommendations from scratch to the Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly on the report of the Resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. She did it within a month, and the outcome highly surpassed our expectations. Dr. Katz-Turi is extremely bright and her recommendations were perfectly linked to the reality of our organization.

—Terry Davis, Secretary-General, Council of Europe, former rapporteur

I highly appreciated her extreme efficiency and diplomatic skills in a context that was rather tense. Dr. Katz-Turi largely contributed to the final success of a high-level, inter-governmental project in Turkey, two weeks after 9/11 in a Muslim country.

—Jean-Paul Costa, Vice-President, European Court of Human Rights

Dr. Katz-Turi provided legal and political advice to the French delegation at the 191st Executive Council. Her recommendations were related to the question of Palestine and the withdrawal of U.S. funding. This happened in a sensitive political context. Her impressive recommendations were greatly appreciated and were adapted by the French Government as a whole at the 191st Executive Council.

—H.E. Daniel Rondeau, Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of France to UNESCO

Dr. Katz-Turi has the ability to see things horizontally and vertically in situations that are very complex. She provided invaluable legal and political advice on the situation in Armenia and Azerbaijan to my Delegation. Her participation was greatly appreciated, and her recommendations were extremely powerful and useful for my delegation.

—Jean-Claude Frécon, Senator, French Senate

Dr. Katz-Turi provided legal and political advice to delegation, led by me, to Gaugazia—the territory of a Turkish-led minority in Bulgaria. She was extremely competent in the field of inter-state disputes and her recommendations fitted greatly within the political context and priorities of the Congress­.

—Yavuz Mildon, Vice-President, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities in Europe

Dr. Katz-Turi was the Senior Legal Counsel assigned to the conclusion of an international agreement, as well as a member of the delegation for negotiations that took place in Tel Aviv. Her participation was instrumental in closing all outstanding issues in Israel. I wish to note that negotiations between the two countries were ongoing for 15 years before Dr. Katz-Turi was appointed as a leading expert of the Government. All outstanding issues were resolved and the agreement was signed within four months, following her appointment, between the State of Israel and Hungary.

—H.E. Zoltan Szentgyörgyi, Ambassador of Hungary to the State of Israel

Protracted negotiations were ongoing for five years and were repeatedly stymied by difficulties in resolving several technical, but important, issues in the draft text. This changed when Dr. Katz-Turi joined the negotiating team as the government’s leading legal expert on the issue. Her perseverance, clear legal reasoning, and ability to help find compromise formulation to address the essential requirements of both sides were truly commendable. Her involvement at a critical juncture was essential in coming to an agreement on the text and making the signing ceremony possible between the U.S. Government and the Government of Hungary.

—Samuel Kotis, Regional Science Officer, U.S. Embassy

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