Peace Consulting


With more than two decades of experience in public international law, political science, international relations, and criminal law, I help governments, international organizations, and NGOs to resolve armed conflicts and achieve peace.

I offer my expertise with fluency in both English and French.

We can talk about peace when there is an escalation of armed conflict. This is where my expertise starts.

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What Can I Do For You? (EXPERTISE)

I will tailor a project to fit the problem you wish to solve and operate in two major fields of expertise.
  1. International peace and security (de facto conflict, including conflict resolution and peace building)
  2. Rule of law, human rights (post-conflict)
  • Conflict resolution: There are many ways to resolve an armed conflict. But whether through military, political, or diplomatic actions, there is no single form of solution. Conflict resolution is always tailored to the situation and often encompasses a variety of ways to achieve peace, or at least a shift towards peace. I can advise you on how to achieve the optimal result with the least collateral damage. There is usually a way to move forward towards peace when there is a political commitment to do so. In the framework conflict resolution, peace proposals are put forward to resolve the conflict. My aim is to help you find the optimal solution to move forward with positive changes towards peace. I have a proven record, at the highest political level, of drawing up a peace plan for an international organization, which was adopted. It is important note that in many cases, criminal liability and prosecution is necessary for rehabilitation and to bring justice to victims. I have extensive experience in the field of war crimes and crimes against humanity, due to my previous professional experience with three international tribunals (International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, International Tribunal for Rwanda, the European Court of Human Rights as well as domestic courts in Kosovo dealing with war crimes).
  • Peace-building: Peace is a process. There is always a transition period that can last for decades. Recommendations for peace-building must be holistic and tailored to the situation in question. The process takes so long because building trust and confidence requires time, and often generations, to make a lasting peace. My role here is to ensure that the process not only begins, but that there is a positive shift towards sustainable peace and stability. Through my years of experience dealing with armed conflicts, I can make tailored recommendations to the situation in question. Building lasting peace has to involve the whole range of actors involved in, and affected by, the armed conflict. I work to support efforts to integrate diversity perspectives to make a positive change towards peace.
  • The rule of law: Rule of law is a priority area in crisis-affected and fragile situations, because it relates to crisis prevention and recovery in conflict and disaster settings. In the rule of law project, I support and train lawyers, the judiciary, and non-governmental organizations to work together to provide legal services and advocacy to enable people to claim their legal rights. I have extensive experience in training of judges in 11 countries in South-East Europe following post-conflict violence. Many of my experiences were carried out in the framework of high-level inter-governmental programs funded by the European Union. I have organized many training seminars and workshops for the judiciary and hundreds of judges and prosecutors have benefitted from this experience. This is particularly important because without the proper functioning of the rule of law system no post-conflict society can exist and carry on towards sustainable peace.
  • Human rights: The enjoyment of human rights is not possible without the peaceful resolution of conflict. The strategic link between respecting human rights and the prevention of violent conflicts and building durable peace has been pointed out by the UN and regional human rights and security bodies, including the Council of Europe, the EU and the OSCE. Respect for human rights is the basis of every democratic society and a fundamental cornerstone of the rule of law.

What Can I Do For You? (SERVICES)

I offer strategic and comprehensive approaches to advance international peace and security through:

  • Academic and action-oriented analysis and research: I employ participatory and action-oriented research and analysis to ensure that the development of any policy or program supports the advancement of conflict resolution rather than exacerbates already existing inequalities.
  • Policy analysis, development, and support for implementation: in order to realize commitments to international law, including the normative framework of human rights and principles of international humanitarian law, governments must align their national laws and policies with these principles. I support this process; approximation of laws is one of my major fields of expertise.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Managing results and learning from past experiences requires the collection of reliable and realistic data. Monitoring and evaluation measures are an integral part of quality assurance and continuous improvements. I have a proven work record of monitoring international commitments undertaken by governments and international organizations. I can support both international organizations as well as governments’ efforts to adhere to their commitments at the international level.
  • Training and capacity development of local partners: Conflict dynamics are constantly changing. I offer ongoing transformative training and capacity development with tailor-made training for government and NGO actors to develop knowledge and skills. This is particularly important for local partners who will then be empowered to carry out the job themselves in the future.
  • Writing tenders funded by international organizations: There are many international organizations that are active in the field of peace and security, including the United Nations, U.N. specialized agencies, and other international organizations (OSCE, USAID, Agence Française de Développement, World Bank, European Union, etc.). Some of these organizations have projects dealing with various peace initiatives. I regularly use my expertise to offer project management for their programs and am also a successful tender writer in the field of peace and security. I am very happy to share my success with you in future tenders.
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