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Dr. Marta Katz-Turi

Lawyer, International Legal Consultant

“I am convinced that any international organization and national government could benefit from Dr. Katz-Turi’s political and legal skills and exceptional talents.”

—Rinaldo Locatelli, Chief Executive of the Congress, CLRAE, Council of Europe
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How do I bring value to justice and legal reforms?

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Conflict Resolution

I advised an international organization to draw up a comprehensive peace proposal at the highest political level. It was politically adopted as a whole by the Organization.


Inter-State Dispute

I advised two national Governments, as Senior Legal Counsel, to resolve a deadlock after 15 years of negotiations. Within four months, it resulted in the signature of a bilateral agreement between the two countries at ministerial level.
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International agreement

I advised a national Government, as Senior Legal Counsel, to draft, negotiate and conclude an international agreement with the Government of the United States of America that is worth more than 300 million USD and created thousands of new jobs.
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